Whole-Home WiFi Can Improve Your Connection and Reduce Internet “Dead-Zones”

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We all depend on our home WiFi connection. Whether you like streaming your favorite shows on Netflix or Amazon, playing games with a console, or simply scrolling Instagram on your phone, most Americans use the internet in their homes every day.

The Problem with Routers

Unfortunately, many families do not experience a solid internet connection throughout their house. Some rooms or areas might have dead-zones, spots with low to non-existent WiFi connections within their homes. With 40 percent of Americans working from home in 2020 and many kids opting for online learning, having a strong and reliable WiFi connection throughout the house is more important than ever.

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Most homes depend on a single router to provide internet. The farther you get from the router, the weaker the signal becomes. Internet speeds tend to lag in rooms separated from the router by brick walls or insulated ceilings. Homes with two or more stories are especially likely to have weaker signals on the stories where the router is not. While extenders can help bounce the signal from your router a little farther, they can be a nuisance and difficult to use.

Whole-Home WiFi

Whole-Home WiFi uses a mesh WiFi router system to blanket your entire home with a strong WiFi signal. Whole-Home WiFi systems use two or more access points, or nodes, within your home, which uses these two or more access points to bounce the signal from one point to another. This gives the effect of having multiple routers throughout your house and eliminates dead zones and lag caused by walls and ceilings. If your home has multiple stories, you will experience a stronger signal on all levels when you switch to the mesh router system. With whole-home WiFi, your connection might even extend into the backyard or garage.

Amplex’s Calix system is a mesh and extender all in one. The Calix system creates a mesh network to cover your needs, and uses smart extender units that extend the signal to a longer distance from the base unit.

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With this new whole-home system, you no longer have to rely on extenders to boost your signal, and you can wave goodbye to internet dead-zones within your home. Mesh routers will give you a strong and reliable signal in every room.  

Install Whole-Home WiFi in Your Home

Trust the experts at Amplex Internet to install your whole-home WiFi system. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your home is equipped with the most reliable, speedy, and efficient WiFi connection available. Call or email Amplex today to learn more and schedule your installation.