5 Reasons Fiber-Optic Internet Is Best for Gamers

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Whether you live for first-person shooter games or prefer vast world-building projects, the quality of your Internet connection greatly influences your ability to perform online and stay up to date with current trends. Fiber-optic Internet is the most innovative technology currently available for consumers who take their gaming seriously.

What Is Fiber-Optic Internet?

Where traditional broadband cable Internet works with copper coaxial wires and amplifiers to send a signal across distances, fiber-optic Internet uses light rather than electricity, propagating data through laser or LED light pulses in glass pipes. Tiny optical fibers are bundled together into large cables referred to as “fiber-optic trunk cables” that carry tremendous amounts of data along multiple signals simultaneously. The light pulses are then converted to electrical output for your devices to read and utilize. These data-carrying photons can transmit data further, at a quicker speed, and without the need for amplifiers.

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What Are the Benefits to Using Fiber-Optic Internet?

Compared to cable Internet, fiber-optic outperforms on every level. Check out the reasons below to determine if it’s time for you to make the switch to fiber-optic Internet.

1. Higher Bandwidth

Bandwidth is defined as an Internet connection’s maximum capacity. Fiber-optic Internet is perfect for high-bandwidth households with multiple members who want the ability to perform various tasks simultaneously without sacrificing quality or speed. Streaming games, in particular, requires more bandwidth than typical online gaming sessions and therefore needs a more reliable connection.

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2. Faster Download and Upload Speeds

Download speed refers to the amount of time required to transmit a file from an online server onto your device, while upload speed refers to the amount of time required to transmit data from your device onto an online server. As these speeds increase, the game becomes more responsive to your directives. Faster download and upload speeds result in smoother gameplay with a higher ping rate and lower latency.

3. Higher Ping Rate

Ping refers to a request sent from one server to another server on the same network, so the ping rate refers to the time it takes your Internet connection to respond after the request and provide a result. A higher ping rate means a quicker response time during gameplay.


4. Lower Latency

Latency is the time between your command and the response to your request (the time needed for the ping to return to the computer). It is the delay between you pressing a button and the game responding. Low latency means a shorter delay, and high latency results in a longer delay and more interruptions, known as lagging. While latency is measured in milliseconds, this seemingly small increment can significantly affect your game playing abilities.

5. No Data Caps

Some Internet service providers employ data caps, meaning they determine a maximum connection speed based on usage amounts and lower this speed once you hit that threshold. Fiber-optic Internet has no data caps, so you can play as long as you want without restriction.

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