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Exclusive service for Amplex Fiber and
Fixed-Wireless Customers. 

Amplex has partnered with SFN TV Now to offer a premium streaming TV service that takes advantage of the speed and reliability of your Amplex Fiber or Home Xtreme and Home 50 wireless plans.

Offering multiple packages, filled with channels you'll actually want to watch.
No hidden charges or fees.  Try it out with a 7-Day Free Trial!*

SFN TV NOW Packages


$ 19 .95

/ month + tax
  • Toledo Locals
  • News & Special Interest
  • Music Channels
  • UPDATE:  New Channels Added! 


$ 49 .95

/ month + tax
  • All Basic Channels Included
  • Premium News 
  • Premium Sports
  • Entertainment


$ 59 .95

/ month + tax
  • All Core Channels Included
  • Premium News
  • Premium & Regional Sports
  • Additional Entertainment


$ 79 .95

/ month + tax
  • All Core Plus Channels Included
  • Showtime Movie Channels
  • Starz Movie Channels
  • Encore TV Package
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All the best channels!

Our channel packages include the best channels of any streaming TV service.

Sports, movies, news, special interest, and more!

Your Favorite Movies and Shows

SFN TV provides an easy and convenient way to watch all your favorite programs and shows.  Apps are available for approved IPTV devices.  Please contact us for more information.

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TV Service Related Questions


Which media devices are supported?

Please call our office to find out why devices are compatible with SFN.

Does it include DVR capability for multiple devices?

Absolutely!  You can register up to 5 boxes, each with their own DVR!

How fast of a connection do I need?

12-15 Mbps or faster for each device is recommended for HD streaming video.  All HD content is adaptive bitrate for highest resolution capable.

Free Trial and Billing Questions


Is there tax or any other fees?

You pay only local sales tax!

Is there a contract or required service agreement?

You can stop the TV service at any time with no additional billing.

* How does the 7-day free trial work?

Try it out on us for 7 days...no charge.  The TV service is auto-billed to your account after 7 days, unless you call us to cancel.


  • Please contact us to find out which devices are compatible with SFN.
  • Device log in’s: There is a maximum total of 5. To remove a device, you can manage your devices on your PC at sfn-tv.com
  • On any device, you need to have 12-15 Mbps of download speeds for the best viewing experience. It also recommended that your home devices are wired to your Amplex home network for a consistent feed of internet at the device. Wi-Fi can be interrupted at times.
  • Must be on the SFN / Amplex Network for service.

Helpful Links:

Enjoying SFN TV Now on your computer:  https://support.amplex.net/knowledge-base/enjoying-sfn-tv-on-your-computer/

Adding SFN TV Now to various devices:

iOS device:  https://support.amplex.net/knowledge-base/using-sfn-tv-on-ios-devices/

Android device:  https://support.amplex.net/knowledge-base/using-sfn-on-android-devices/