Business Fiber

Ultra Fast and Reliable!

Amplex Fiber is the fastest and most reliable Internet service available.

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Small business owners can now afford a fast and reliable Internet service.  Amplex business fiber provides ultra-fast service that fits into any business budget!
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Business Class Fiber Optic Service

What does Amplex Fiber mean to your business?
Unmatched speed and reliability with local support.

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Amplex Fiber offers over 20x the average broadband that's fast!  Empower your employees to complete projects and meet critical deadlines.
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Enhanced Reliability and Performance

Amplex partners with national high level fiber providers to bring symmetrical ultra-fast performance that is so critical in today's business applications.

Our business fiber service cannot be matched in terms of speed, reliability, or cost.
Call today and find out why your neighboring businesses are making the switch.

Business Fiber Service Plans

Small Business Fiber 500

$ 8995

/ month
  • 500 Mbps Down / 500 Mbps Up
  • Does not include priority support
  • Exceptional price & performance
    Add phone service and Save!
  • $149.95 Standard Install 
    12 month agreement

Business Class Fiber 500

$ 12995

/ month
  • 500 Mbps Down / 500 Mbps Up
  • Priority Service & Support
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses
  • $149.95 Standard Install 
    12 month agreement

Business Class Fiber 1000

$ 179 95

/ month
  • 1000 Mbps Down / 1000 Mbps Up
  • Priority Service & Support
  • Designed for high speed business applications
  • $149.95 Standard Install 
    12 month agreement

DIA Enterprise Fiber

From $ 299 95

/ month
  • Speeds Up to 10 Gbps
  • SLA Backed Performance
    and Reliability
  • Flexible Term Lengths
  • Contact our Business Team for additional information
Fiber Speeds:  Fiber optic Internet speeds can vary depending on your internal devices.  Amplex delivers the full speed of your service plan, but speedtests may show results lower based on your computer, router, and other devices.  Gigabit Fiber customers can expect speeds over 900 Mbps when using a direct Ethernet connection and router with Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard.  We highly recommend our Managed Router Service that provides you with a carrier-grade wireless router utilizing the latest firmware and Wi-Fi protocols.
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Business Managed Router & Wi-Fi Services

Our managed router service provides your business with secure and reliable equipment.

Need Wi-Fi for employees or patrons?  Let the business professionals at Amplex help you implement the perfect wireless solution.

We make it very affordable to take your business to the next level of performance and convenience.  Managed services start at just $15.00 per month.

Call or email our sales team to receive a personalized quote.