Don’t Settle for Slow Residential Internet   

Upgrade to Amplex Internet's Ultra-Fast 2000 Mbps Fiber Service!

Amplex Fiber brings unparalleled fiber optic Internet service to Northwest Ohio. With our 2 Gig service offering speeds up to 2000 Mbps, you’ll experience Internet that is 50 times faster than the average broadband. This makes it perfect for all your online activities, from streaming and gaming to working from home on multiple devices.

Why Choose Amplex Fiber Optic Internet?

Choosing Amplex means opting for the best in Internet technology and service. Here’s why:

·       Ultra-Fast Speeds: Enjoy speeds up to 2000 Mbps for both upload and download, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted online experiences.

·       Reliability: Our fiber optic technology guarantees consistent performance, even with multiple devices connected at once.

·       Affordability: We offer competitive pricing, making top-tier Internet service accessible.

Check Your Address

Speeds are configured as limits, not guaranteed sustained rates.
Not all Internet Plans available at all locations. Please call for availability.

Fiber 200


/ month
  • 200 Mbps down / 200 Mbps up
  • Incredible value for fiber speeds!
  • Add Home Phone for only $20/month
  • $100 Installation - 12 month agreement

Fiber 500


/ month
  • 500 Mbps down / 500 Mbps up
  • Low latency for online gaming!
  • Add Home Phone for only $20/month
  • $100 Installation - 12 month agreement

Fiber 1000


/ month
  • 1000 Mbps down / 1000 Mbps up
  • Perfect for streaming 4K video!
  • Includes Free Managed Router Service!
  • $100 Installation - 12 month agreement

Fiber 2000


/ month
  • 2000 Mbps down / 2000 Mbps up
  • Not Available In All Areas - Call
  • Includes Free Managed Router Service!
  • $100 Installation - 12 month agreement
We are now completing many rural routes throughout Wood and Hancock Counties. Progress will continue throughout the year. Amplex Fiber is currently available in Bloomdale, Bradner, Genoa, Elmore, Pemberville, Woodville, Graytown, Kelleys Island, and throughout several rural areas in Northwest Ohio. We are constantly expanding fiber routes, so please follow us on Facebook and check the address map for latest updates.
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Internet - At The Speed of Light

We didn’t stop at just really fast service… Amplex Fiber provides your family with the fastest service available. Our 2 Gig Fiber service is 2000 Mbps, which is over 50x faster than the average broadband speed… now that’s fast! Enjoy reliable and affordable service on all of your devices…at the same time!

  • Incredible Speeds up to 2000 Mbps
  • Unmatched Upload Speeds
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Local Tech Support


Fiber Speeds

Fiber optic Internet speeds can vary depending on your internal devices. Amplex delivers the full speed of your service plan, but speedtests may show results lower based on your computer, router, and other devices. Gigabit Fiber customers can expect speeds over 900 Mbps when using a direct Ethernet connection. We highly recommend our Managed Router Service that provides you with a carrier-grade wireless router utilizing the latest firmware and Wi-Fi 6 protocols to ensure a fast and reliable wireless connection throughout your home. Standard installation includes up to 300ft of cabling. Longer runs and additional cabling will incur additional fees.


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Movies & Sports with SFN TV!

SFN TV Now offers the best in streaming entertainment. Cut the
coax and take control. Stop paying the ever-increasing cable fees!
Packages start at just $39.95/mo.
Now compatible with a wide variety of devices. Call for details!

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Home Phone for only $20.00/mo

Amplex home phone service allows you to make and receive calls using standard analog phones. No special dialing or complicated phones.  

  • $20.00 /month (+sales tx)  

  • Unlimited local and US & Canada long distance

  • Caller ID with number

  • Call forwarding

  • Voice mail

  • $50.00 activation fee (waived if installed with Internet service)

Want to transfer your existing phone number? No problem! For instructions and the forms to transfer your number,  click here. 
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Whole House Wi-Fi

Never worry about Wi-Fi coverage again!

Our enhanced managed router service utilizes the speed and power of the Nokia Beacon 6 to provide ultra-fast throughput to your wireless devices.

Fiber Service FAQ

Amplex Fiber offers symmetrical speeds up to 2000 Mbps, providing the highest level of performance for all your online activities. Our local customer support ensures you get the personalized service you deserve.

Amplex Fiber is available to several villages and rural routes throughout Northwest Ohio, including Genoa, Elmore, Bloomdale, Bradner, Pemberville, Woodville, Graytown, and many other locations!
Click the link towards the top of the page to check your address, or call our friendly customer service team.

Yes, we offer speeds up to 2000 Mbps. However, actual speeds depend on your internal devices and network setup.
For the fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi connection, we highly recommend our Managed Router Service.

No hidden fees! We pride ourselves on transparency, so you know exactly what you’re paying for each month.

We don’t offer bundle discounts, allowing you to select only the services you need without any pressure.

Our customer support team will assist with service relocation or provide options based on your new area’s availability.

Customer Referral Program: Receive one month free wireless service when you refer a family member or friend to Amplex. No limits to the number of free referral months!

Download and print your Landlord Waiver Form. This must be presented at the time of installation.

    Click to download waiver form

New Customers:
Service plans are 12 month term.

    Click to download copy of agreement

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