Home Hacks for Slow Internet Providers in Bowling Green, Ohio

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If you’re looking for the best Internet service provider in Bowling Green, Ohio, a couple of results show top ten lists. When you look through those lists, you might notice something: comments saying that their Internet provider doesn’t deliver the speed they promised, and that their Internet is slower than what they expected.


If you’re working from home or in your apartment, slow Internet is a problem. Add a pandemic to that equation and, of course, you’ll demand more for what you pay for.

You want to make sure you are getting the bandwidth that your Internet service provider says they are giving you. To be clear, you can’t get any faster than that, but you can make some changes to your devices to get the maximum speed for what you’re paying for. Let’s get into it.


Clean Your System

You might already know that computer viruses can slow down your Internet. This is because viruses, spyware, or malignant programs hijack and eat away at your bandwidth, slowing down processes. Be sure to run a full system scan to see if that solves your slow Internet problem.

Another way you can clean your system is to remove unwanted files on your computer. If you’ve had your PC for a while, chances are you’ve accumulated many junk files that affect your device performance. You can download freeware like CCleaner to get rid of these junk files in your system.

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If you’ve tried these tricks but still have connectivity problems, you might be facing a hardware issue.

Relocate Your Wireless router to a Centralized and Higher Place

Look for the most centralized area in your apartment or home and place your Wireless router somewhere high. Try to get it as high as the cable allows. Think of the way old TVs got their signal from satellite dishes on roofs. It’s the same concept as your ISP’s wireless router. Sometimes old tricks still work.

You should also keep home items that can interfere with wireless signals away from your device. Mirrors, metal objects, concrete walls, and even glasses are just some of the everyday items that can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal, causing you to have a slower Internet connection. Move these things further from your wireless router and see if things improve.

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Another factor of signal strength is your ISP’s coverage. You could relocate your wireless router or router all you want, but if your ISP has limited coverage, there is little you can do to fix this problem. Look up your local Internet service provider and check their Internet coverage area.

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Slow Internet could be an internal or external issue. We’ve provided some quick hacks that can most likely solve either kind. You can try them for yourself and see if they make a difference. If nothing works, you can contact us, and we’ll be ready to help you out.