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Business fiber optics is becoming a popular internet connection service for all businesses. While you may be using broadband internet now, the benefits of going fiber are too significant to ignore. It is the most reliable connection you can have if you’re running a business. Understanding it can help you decide better when going through Amplex Internet plans.

Broadband Internet

Also known as high-speed internet, broadband was the more popular option for many years. It was a far cry from old dial-up internet connections which were unreliable. You could stream, watch videos, and conduct video conferences seamlessly. The reason for this speed is because of broadband’s copper wires which help transmit data much faster.

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Most broadband internet connections have the same lines as telephone or cable. It is the reason you often see them offered by the same company as a bundle. The basic plans can reach around 15Mbps, while higher premium plans can go beyond 75Mbps.

Fiber Optics

Instead of copper wires, these systems use fiber optic cables for sending information. The change in the material allows it to be much faster than copper wire data transmission. Fiber optics connections first became widespread among office and corporate setups. Later on, more affordable plans became available for home use.

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Fiber-optic lines consist of plastic and glass strands that transmit light. Since light moves much faster than electricity, it can transport more data faster than copper wires. It also makes fiber the reliable option. You can send data at speeds that broadband connections have never reached.

Fiber optics connections can transfer around 10 billion bits per second. They have up to 10Gbps speeds while broadband connections can only transmit 300 Mbps with premium connections.

One of the drawbacks of fiber optics back then was its high price. Fiber optic cables are pricey, so setting them up was a significant investment. However, advancements in technology have made these connections more accessible. More savings means a better time for those opting for fiber now.

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Today, fiber optics is becoming the choice for the internet for many countries. It dominates in high-speed internet locations like South Korea, Japan, Sweden, the UAE, and Australia. In the US, more and more states are getting access to it. Different types of fiber connections are also under development.

Choose the Reliable Option for Your Business

With unlimited data usage, scalability, and fast access, you cannot go wrong with going fiber. It is the best solution for any business. Get one now, and increase your productivity.

If you’re ready for reliable high-speed Internet 24/7, Amplex Internet is here to help. Click to contact us today.