The Benefits of Whole-House Wi-Fi in a Hybrid Working World

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When the pandemic hit the world, work-from-home options became prevalent to help prevent the spread of the virus and prioritize the health of employees. Now that everyone’s slowly adjusting and recovering, the hybrid work model becomes the norm. 

This requires the need for a strong and stable internet connection to attend meetings, submit reports, and fulfill other job responsibilities. Fortunately, you can keep your worries away and focus on performing your job well with whole-house Wi-FI.

Hybrid Work Setup and Its Benefits

As offices are transitioning into a hybrid work setup, you have more freedom to work from home, in the office, or anywhere you think can help improve your productivity. For instance, you can focus on completing a crucial project in the comfort of your home and then opt to go to the office during team meetings, town halls, or training sessions.

This relatively new work model helps increase employees’ job satisfaction, promotes diverse thinking, maintains a sense of community, and even saves you money in terms of transportation, energy costs, and more.   

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How Is Whole-House Wi-Fi Beneficial to the Hybrid Working Setup?

From providing greater Wi-Fi coverage and consistently fast internet speed to preventing unseen interferences, whole-house Wi-Fi is the perfect pair for your hybrid work life.

Longer Wi-Fi Range

Nearly everything — from baby monitors, microwave ovens, and aquariums to concrete walls — can block the signal from your router. The farther you are from the router, the more you’ll suffer from a slower speed. Thanks to whole-house Wi-FI, you won’t have to always go near your router just to get a strong connection.

At Amplex, we offer an enhanced router management service made possible by the power of GigaSpire Blast u4. Extending the Wi-Fi range is also made easier with more mesh extension units. Regardless of the device you’re using and where you are in your house, you’re confident you can work efficiently without any interruptions and unnecessary stress.  

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Uninterrupted Connection for Everyone

Do you have children who are attending online classes? Is your spouse working from home too? If several people in your home are working, studying online, or merely using a Wi-Fi connection for recreation, you might worry about a weak and interrupted connection. 

With whole-house Wi-Fi, there’s no need to argue with family members over the signal. You can all work, study, and have fun online at the same time. With multi-user MIMO, the router can communicate with several devices at the same time.

Consistent and Faster Speed

There’s nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of a work presentation and suddenly losing your internet connection. With whole-house Wi-Fi, you can enjoy consistent and faster speeds, especially since Amplex utilizes the Wi-Fi 6 standard. We ensure top performance as well with the router’s 4×4 802.11ax Wave U.

The hybrid working world may be favorable to working people like you, but without a reliable connection, you may end up more stressed and exhausted. Secure whole-house Wi-Fi with a trusted home Internet service provider like Amplex. Visit our page to learn more about enhanced Wi-Fi.

Leverage Internet Connection to Work Smarter

Internet connections play a critical role in how well your business can communicate or perform. Thus, it’s vital to choose the appropriate one for your company. If you need help with Internet connections, you can contact the experts at Amplex Internet