Local vs. Nationwide Internet Service Providers for Seniors

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Are you a senior having a hard time dealing with your Internet provider? It can be quite frustrating to talk on the phone to resolve problems when you could be using this time connecting with friends and starting conversations.

Your Internet service provider or ISP is the main company that keeps you connected to the Internet. With them, you can keep in touch with the grandkids, stay in contact with relatives all over the world, find out what’s happening in different countries, or just watch your favorite shows on Netflix or YouTube.

The speed or slowness of your connection depends on where you’re getting your Internet from. There are usually two types: local and national. Now, you might think that national Internet providers are better because they’re bigger — but that’s not the case at all. Local Internet providers are actually better, and we’ll talk about why that’s the case.

Why Choose a Local Internet Provider?

When we say “local Internet provider,” we’re talking about an Internet service that operates within a specific region. They have people and offices in the area which makes it very easy for you to reach them. More importantly though, local means faster.

This is because local Internet service providers have a more focused approach to service. They value residents like yourself and make a point of keeping the connections clean and updated. Since they’re local, they also have a better grasp of area coverage and can quickly reach residents for service.

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What Can Local ISPs Offer That Nationwide Corporations Cannot?

As someone with roots in the local community, you need someone who understands your needs and can meet them. As a senior, here’s what you should expect from your local Internet provider.

     No 10-page small print contracts. Nationwide corporations typically have standard contracts that they repeatedly use over and over again. There are so many clauses that it might take you days to really understand the contract. Local ISP contracts are simpler and more straightforward so you can understand them in a single reading.

     No pricing games. There are no confusing pricing packages that take away functions you love! Local ISPs are transparent and will give you clear options that make choosing easy.

     Local support. This is really the best thing about local ISPs: they have local offices that you can quickly and easily visit if you have a problem. There’s no need to wait for an hour on the phone just to get through the call center. Local ISPs like Amplex have an on-site office that allows you to talk face to face with agents and resolve problems.

     Involved with the local communities. Local ISP providers employ locals and integrate with communities. For example, Amplex makes a point of joining local events and participating in trade shows to serve the community better. Local businesses are not afraid of giving back and making sure that the neighborhood stays connected, either.

     Support the local businesses and economy. Due to the local nature of their work, regional ISPs have a more targeted approach to how they do business. They understand the specific needs of residents and therefore adjust their services as needed.

Offering an all-in-one solution and easily accessed local support, Amplex makes it easy for seniors to enjoy the Internet. Click or give us a call at 419-837-5015.