Benefits of Streaming TV with Fiber Internet

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Gone are the days when we could just watch TV shows from, well, a television. Today, you just need a smartphone, computer, or tablet to catch up on your favorite shows. Sure, streaming companies like Netflix and Disney+ are popular today, but accessing all these is so expensive since each of them has its own subscription plan.

What if there was a way to get back to the original cable TV format…but with the Internet? That way, you can watch the channels you like on a consolidated platform. That’s what SFN TV Now delivers using Amplex Fiber and Wireless connections.

Here are the other benefits of streaming TV.

HD Content

SFN TV Now uses the fiber and wireless Internet from Amplex, which offers extremely fast download speeds and little to no lag. We all know how frustrating it can be to watch a show that glitches, pauses, or stops because of a wonky cable signal. But Amplex plans can provide up to 1,000 Mbps speeds — lightning-quick and extremely reliable.

Even so, 30 Mbps download speeds of plans like Home Xtreme are more than enough to provide high-definition visuals. Enjoy your crisp and clear videos.

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Great Channels to Watch

Looking for Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, or Animal Planet for the kids? How about NBC, E!, and Lifetime Movies for some entertainment? Sports enthusiasts might also want to catch live games on ESPN or catch the latest news updates on CNN. All these and more are included in the SFN TV Now plans.

One of the main advantages of streaming TV is that you have more control over which channels are included in your plan. You won’t waste money on filler channels that you barely watch anyway. Just get the plan with all your preferred programs and enjoy hours of entertainment.

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The SFN TV Advantage

SFN TV is not just your regular TV streaming platform. It has several features that mimic what we once loved in our dear old cable TVs. For example, you can re-watch your favorite shows with the Replay TV feature. So if you missed an important episode from within the last 24 hours you can restart it.

Another great feature is Catch-Up TV. You can use your app like a DVR and record shows. Now, you’re free to re-watch the most exciting parts of a movie or game without the hassle of commercials.

Try the SFN TV Now Packages

Now that you know the wonders of streaming TV, it’s time to make a decision. Amplex Internet offers four different packages for various needs, starting with a Basic Plan to Premium. No hidden charges or fees, of course. Select your ideal plan and enjoy the wide choices of premier channels powered by blazing-fast Internet.

Try it out with a 7-day free trial today! Click now to contact us.