Need to call us? Our local phone numbers along with a toll free number are listed below.

419-837-5015 (Millbury)
419-833-3635 (Luckey)
419-720-3635 (Toledo)
888-419-3635 (Toll Free)

Amplex offers 24/7 technical support so don’t hesitate to call us. We promise no complicated automated phone system to navigate. Simply dial any of the numbers above and press 2 for billing questions, 3 for sales related questions, or 4 for technical support.

Hate automated phone systems and just want to speak to somone? We know how you feel! If you want to skip the menu and reach someone right away just press 0.

If you want to e-mail us we’re always available. is our preferred address for support requests as messages sent to support reach everyone on our support team – so you are not waiting for an individual who may be out of town or on vacation to respond.

We now have a Network Log for information about new services, outages, and general information. We invite you to not only read the posted articles, but post questions and comments of your own.

E-mail Help

E-mail Client Setup:

  • Incoming Server Type: IMAP
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Incoming Mail Server Port: 143
  • Outgoing Server Type: SMTP
  • Outgoing Mail Sever:
  • Outgoing Mail Server Port: 25

Make sure to check server requires authentication and use the letters before the @ in your e-mail as your username. Example: If your e-mail address is your username would be tima.

For detailed setup instructions including screenshots please choose your e-mail client:

spam assassinSpam Assassin is the system that we use to tag junk mail.
Please click the icon to learn more about Spam Assassin.

The majority of our customers use Outlook Express as a mail program. These instructions will tell you how to move spam to it’s own folder or just delete it automatically.

The system we are using to tag junk mail is called SpamAssassin. The system uses a scoring system to decide if a e-mail should be marked as spam. Click on the links at the left for instructions on filtering with your mail client. The majority of our customers use Outlook Express as a mail program. The instructions for your mail client tell you how to move spam to it’s own folder or just delete it automatically.

Let us know what you think of this system – we want to know! Is this useful? Annoying? Catches too much good e-mail or misses too much spam? Let us know what you like or dislike and we will see what we can do about it. Your feedback is very helpful to us.

If you would like to have your mail exempted from this system please let us know. We can easily exempt your mail from SpamAssassin processing. If you find that valid mail sent to you is being marked incorrectly we would appreciate you reporting that to us – it will help us fine tune the filters.

Privacy and e-mail security issues

Please note that this is an automatic system – your e-mail is scanned by machine and at no point does anyone read your e-mail. The contents of the e-mail are altered only by the addition of the spam signature to the subject line and to the headers that you normally do not see. E-mail is NOT DELETED by this system and you will not loose mail even if it is incorrectly marked as spam (unless you configure YOUR system to automatically delete mail).

How SpamAssassin detects junk mail…

If you go to the SpamAssassin web site you will see many references to ‘Procmail’ and ‘Perl’. The SpamAssassin web site assumes you are using a Unix (rather than Windows) mail system – most of the instructions on the web site do not apply to you.

The main things that SpamAssassin looks for are suspicious items in the headers of e-mail (the processing information for delivering the mail) and for common things that Spammers put in the e-mail messages – things like “this is not spam”, “complies with senate bill”, etc. A single suspicious item in an e-mail is usually not enough to get a message marked as spam – it takes multiple ‘hits’ to cause mail to be marked.

Amplex Phone Help

You can view your call history and manage your call options by visiting the Amplex Phone website at

Your login name is your phone ( ex: ) and your pin code. If you need to reset your pin code please contact support at 888-419-3635 or

The Amplex Phone residential quick setup guide is available by clicking here.

The full Amplex Phone manual is available by clicking here.

Want to transfer your existing phone number to Amplex Phone? The quick guide and required form to transfer your existing phone number to Amplex Phone is available by clicking here.

If your Amplex Phone ATA/router has built in Wi-Fi you can find the network name and password by looking on the ReadyNet box or by looking on the bottom of the ATA/router for network name and passkey.

Co-Pilot Support

To help you with an Internet service or e-mail problem, we use a program called Co-Pilot. This allows us to remotely access your computer to identify any settings that may cause problems.

You must use your telephone to communicate with us while we are connected

We will give you an invitation code to enter once you are at Co-Pilot

Please click the Co-Pilot logo to start the process

copilot logo

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