Windows XP Service Pack 3

I can honestly say, I am so behind on caring about Microsoft Products, that I had no idea SP3 was even in the works, but it was, and it is here! Windows XP Service Pack 3 has been released as of today. As with all software patches, especially those labeled Microsoft *anything*, I am extremely wary of actually installing this puppy. Oh, I am sure it fixes many, many gloriously awful issues, and of course, causes 3 times as many new ones. I just can’t get excited about trading the bugs I know, for a whole host of new ones. But, I do have an ace in my sleeve today. I don’t run Windows XP as my primary workstation. I keep a copy of it running on a virtualization system called VMWare. VMware allows me to run a virtual computer, on my computer. So, I can have a copy of Windows XP, a copy of Windows Vista, and I can play with the latest Linux distributions, all without gumming up my workstation. It has lots of cool features too, like the ability to back itself up to a known safe state, so I feel pretty confident that installing this service pack won’t annoy me for very long. But I am rambling, I should I stop that.

Like I said, I am wary of any major Microsoft patches, and I strongly suggest you be wary as well. Better that I install SP3 on my virtual computer, and it blow up, rather than you install it on your PC, and it blow up. My virtual computer is very easy to fix, and I wouldn’t care very much if it wasn’t. I will post my impressions of the patch in a few days, after I have had several moments to see what breaks, what is cool, and of course, what makes me shake my head in utter disbelief.

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