Update on new tower sites

Seems like projects always take longer than they should.   In any case…

The Gibsonburg site is up and running.   I am not completely happy with the coverage area we are getting from the 2.4Ghz sector at the site but the 5.7Ghz transmitter is working very well.    As soon as we have the funds we will swap the 2.4 for a couple of sectors which should improve coverage in the area.

The Dirlam Road site just east of Bowling Green is up and running – we will be converting many of the 900Mhz customers south of SugarRidge and/or north-east of the Bays Rd tower to the new site over the next couple of weeks.   This will result in a significant performance increase for those customers.

Rising Sun is on the back burner for the winter – I do not expect to have equipment at Rising Sun until spring 2010.

The North Baltimore / Hoytville site is a project for late December or early January – funding and weather may delay this though.