Owner of Amplex serves as new WISPA boardmember.

Mark Radabaugh, owner of Amplex Internet, has become a new board member of WISPA.
WISPA is a membership-driven trade association that promotes the development, advancement and unity of the wireless Internet service provider industry. WISPA has 700+ members that support WISPA’s advocacy, education and other collaborative industry initiatives.  For more information, visit www.wispa.orgwispa-logo


Reliable Broadband in Today’s Online World

Internet familyIn today’s everything online world, reliable Internet is no longer an unnecessary option or luxury.  Social media, shopping, online billing, and gaming are just a few items among a growing list of what’s available online.

Many schools not only offer online classes, but we are seeing a growing number of schools that require students to have reliable high speed Internet to complete assignments.  Taking classes online can also save you time, a valuable commodity for those with full time jobs and families.

As relatives, friends, and colleagues move away due to jobs or schooling, social media websites have proven to be a fun and free way to keep connected.  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn are a few of the popular sites that millions of people use every day.

How to search for the best possible Internet provider in your area?
Use a simple checklist to make sure your choice of provider can meet these criteria:

-        Do they offer local support?  If you have an issue with your service, can you count on them to quickly resolve the issue?

-        Do they have a good reputation?  Talk with neighbors and friends that have the service and ask them for their feedback.  This is a great way to save yourself money and aggravation.

-        Is it fast enough for your needs?   Streaming video and online gaming are two very popular uses for broadband service and you need a fast enough connection to enjoy them.

Amplex is a locally owned company that provides reliable broadband service throughout Northwest Ohio that includes Bowling Green, Waterville, Oak Harbor, Fremont, and many other locations.

Amplex offers 4 different residential service plans to fit the needs and budget of every family.

With Amplex, no phone line is needed, saving you hundreds of dollars per year on costly landlines, and our local technical support is second to none in the industry.

Call 1-888-419-3635 for more information or view the residential service plans online at http://www.amplex.net/residential

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