New Webmail Software!

We have just rolled out a new webmail package based on the RoundCube software. We hope that this new interface will be faster, easier, and generally a better experience for everyone.

Why the sudden change? We have relied on the horde software for many years now to deliver a consistent webmail interface to our users, and it has served well. However, the version of Horde we have been running all these years is long out of development, new features are not being developed, security issues are not being corrected, and the entire platform relies on version 4 of the PHP scripting language, which is long out of date as well. Because of all these issues, we have had to maintain a webserver running antiquated software, for the sole purpose of keeping horde running. These issues, and many more have caused us to decide to retire horde over the next few weeks.

We evaluated several new webmail packages, including the newest release of Horde itself. Consistently, people preferred RoundCube by a wide margin. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us via email at

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