New tower sites coming soon!

Amplex has received permission from Countyline Co-Op to use the grain silo’s at Gibsonburg and RisingSun.   This will give us much better coverage in the western and central portions of Sandusky and south-eastern Wood county.   We expect to have the Gibsonburg site operational by October 19th and the Rising Sun site by November 15th.

We have purchased the rights to place our equipment on a tower just east of Bowling Green on Dirlam Rd.   This tower should be operational in early November.   This tower will provide improved service to customers south of SR-105 between Bowling Green and Pemberville.

A new water tower is being constructed by the Northwest Water and Sewer District at  Hoytville.   This tower is located at the new rail yard being constructed west of North Baltimore.  This tower should be operational by late November.

The Northwest Water and Sewer District water tower at Weston is being replaced with a newer (and much larger) water tower in the spring of 2010.    Amplex will be moving our equipment from the existing tower in Weston to the new tower in the spring.

A new Northwest Water and Sewer District tower east of Luckey will be operational in the spring of 2010.

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