New Radios, Radio Swaps, Upgrades, etc…

Amplex has used a couple of different radio frequencies to bring Internet service to our customers.  The microwave frequencies around 5.7Ghz are used by the majority of customers who have line-of-sight to our towers.   The 5.7Ghz equipment provides the highest speeds and capacity service.  For customers that do not have line-of-sight we have used 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz to provide service.   The 900Mhz equipment has not been as reliable, or as fast as we would like and we are working to replace as much of it as we can.

As Amplex has grown we have added additional tower locations.  We are currently revisiting existing customers that we feel we can now serve from new tower locations and replacing 900Mhz radios with either 2.4 or 5.7Ghz equipment.

In addition to replacing 900Mhz radios we are also upgrading some existing 5.7Ghz customers.  The new 5.7Ghz Access Points (AP’s) have far higher capacity than the existing equipment.  We are currently retrofitting existing towers with new AP’s.  Unfortunately using these new AP’s requires replacing the  radios at the customers houses.

Towers with the new high capacity AP’s include Luckey, Oak Harbor (west side), and Perrysburg (south side).   All of the Perrysburg customers have been changed and the majority of the customers on the east side of Oak Harbor have the new radios.

We will be installing the high capacity AP’s at Graytown in May and visiting customers in the area to swap radios.  The radio swap does not require access to the inside of the house and the appearance of the equipment is unchanged.

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