Network Maintenance for 3/10

It appears from the signal strength graphs that the Curtice tower 900Mhz south facing sector antenna has water in the RF Connector. During the one above freezing day we had this week (Thursday) the signal strength for all the customers off that sector dropped about 12dB when the moisture in the connector turned from ice to water. The problem ‘corrected’ itself around 2am when the moisture refroze. This RF loss that comes and goes with temperature is a pretty good signal that there is water in places it shouldn’t be. Clearing the water may take 1/2 hour as I will need to heat the connectors to drive the moisture out but it needs to be done carefully so as to not damage the connector in the process. My plan is to do this Monday afternoon/early evening. With the other 2 sectors in place at Curtice this should only affect a few customers.

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