Internet service fees. Where does it end?

Fees.  They exist, lurking in small print at the very bottom of a webpage or contract.  They are usually in light beige text on a white background so you do not notice them. But….you will when you receive your first monthly bill.

Equipment fees, modem fees, and rental No Feesfees.  An extra $5.00 here, an extra $7.50 there….those fees can really add up to the cost of your service.

Amplex Internet fights the good fight against these Extra Fee Attackers!   There are no extra charges for equipment.  There is nothing to rent, lease, or pay extra for.  The price of your service plan is what you pay…period.

Is there an installation fee?  Yes.  $25.00.  That’s it.

Play games using your Internet service, not with your Internet provider.