Monthly Usage Chart

amplex-usage-graphStarting in June, your invoice will show your monthly data being used. The chart shows how much data was used for uploading and downloading in the past 12 months.
This exciting new feature shows you the value of your Amplex service, compared to the low limits of other Internet providers. One example shown is a cell phone plan that typically includes 5 Gigabytes of monthly usage. Amplex customers are able to enjoy streaming video and online gaming without worrying about over limit charges with these low monthly allowances.

Protect yourself online

It’s a risk that affects some websites that use a piece of software called OpenSSL which encrypts the 1data that is exchanged on them. You’ll know if you’re on one of these sites as there’ll be a padlock sign in the web address bar or if it starts with ‘https.’
This means that any data you exchange on them may be at risk — basically any site where you have a username and password. Not all sites are affected but it’s better to be on the safe side.

Visit this link for additional information:  Heartbleed