Usage Graphs, Plan caps or limits

usage graphUsage Graphs

We recently added usage graphs to the customer invoices.   We have added the graphs for a couple of reasons:

  • We want our customers to know how much data they are actually using.
  • We want you to be able to tell when your usage has changed significantly.
  • It makes it easier to compare services with other technologies such as WiFi hotspots.
  • New service plans may have data limits.

It’s very difficult for most customers to understand how much data they are using.  The units vary and there is considerable confusion concerning speed (how fast you can transfer data) in Megabits per second and usage (how much data in a time period) in Mega Bytes.

Cell phone and Cellular data plans normally have limited data usage .   Typical data plans have 5 to 10GB per month of data before additional costs are incurred.

Our typical home Internet customer uses 41GB of data a month.  15% of the users exceed 250Gb, and 1.5% are over 500Gb.

Are usage limits coming?

Not on the existing plans.  We anticipate that any new service plans will have usage limits.

Why is Amplex considering usage limits?

We want to offer higher speed plans to our customers.   With our newest equipment we can offer much higher speeds, but we need some type of usage limit before we can do so.   Our current highest speed plan is 9Mb/1Mb.  We would like to increase the speed on our existing plans, and offer higher speed plans up to 25Mbps.

With our current plans, a customer maxing out the service for an entire month generates a economic loss – the data consumed exceeds our costs.  Our current plans at 3.5 or 5Mb limit the losses on any given customer, simply because the customer can’t download enough data to cause a major problem. This changes if we offer higher speed plans with no usage limits.

We have not decided on what the new plan speeds or limits are going to be, though the FCC has established a minimum usage of 100Gb/mo for a plan to be considered broadband.   Our service plans will be at least 100Gb, and probably far higher.

Can I keep my existing plan?

Yes (seems like there is a Obamacare joke here somewhere….).   We may discontinue the existing plans for new customers, but will continue to offer the current plans if you want to stay with them.