Amplex Fiber Locator

Gigabit Fiber – $79.95/mo
1000 Mbps Down / 1000 Mbps Up
The ultimate in residential Internet service!
Whole family online entertainment is now possible with Amplex.
Gigabit Fiber is about using all your devices at the same time.4K Streaming & HD Movies
PC & Video Game Systems
Tablets, Phones, and Connected Devices

Fiber 100 – $59.95/mo
100 Mbps Down / 100 Mbps Up

Perfect for online gaming and HD video!
Gamers will love the extremely low latency.
Social Media fans enjoy fast photo and video sharing.

We’ll include a $400 router to use while you have Fiber service!*
This isn’t our competition’s low quality, slow router.

ONTAdvanced Home Gateway

– 4 Gigabit Ethernet Connections
Get the faster wired connections to your devices.

-  Ultra Fast & Powerful Wi-Fi
Dual Band, 4×4 Antenna Array with MU-Mimo technology

- Direct Fiber Optic Connection
No converters or adapter boxes slowing you down.

All equipment is to be returned upon cancellation of Amplex Fiber service.
If fiber equipment is not returned, you will be billed for amount of replacement.